24 February, 2017

The Clipsal 500 Race runs across 4 days and it’s not just for the men, women too can enjoy the awesome atmosphere and have a fun day out with friends, family or partners. The Style Capsule has put together some track side outfit for access to all areas so that you can look the part and enjoy the action on the track.


Get into the thick of it all and experience a variety of locations in the Clipsal General Admission area. More of a casual and comfortable look is best with a summery feel!

Mossman A Day In The Navy Mini Dress, A Day In The Navy Maxi Dress

Stevie May Atlas Top , Blessed Are The Meek Botanic Cami

Shona Joy Mirage Cowl Dress, Shona Joy Phoenix Cowl Dress

S/W/F Natalie Jumpsuit, S/W/F Mira Dress

S/W/F Violet Dress, S/W/F Tia Dress

Isla Positano Dress, Shona Joy Andromeda Cowl Ruffle Dress

LEFT TO RIGHT: Maurie & Eve Kitta Short Black, Oskar War Of The Roses Short, Isla Birkin Short, Maurie & Eve Kitta Short White, Isla Bardot Short


What better way to experience the thrill of the race than in an exclusive atmosphere! Whether you’re entertaining clients or indulging yourself you will stand out from the crowd in these outfit winners!

Mossman Summer Wonderland Top & Pant, Mossman Summer Wonderland Jumpsuit

Blessed Second Chances Dress, Blessed Are The Meek Linear Wrap Dress

Talulah Stary Night Mini Dress, Talulah Faith Mini Dress

Blessed Are The Meek Cisco Top, Blessed Are The Meek Shadow Fall Top

Shona Joy Palma Cowl Jumpsuit, Shona Joy La Luna Cocktail Maxi Dress

Blessed Broken Floral Shirt Dress, Blessed Broken Floral Dress

Stevie May Evie Playsuit


End the day on a high with the cool tunes of the Hilltop Hoods and Hunters & Collectors at the Clipsal Concert in one of these fun looks!

Shona Joy Venus Waistcoat Mini Dress available in Ivory & Black

Stevie May Burning Desire Playsuit

Shona Joy Perseus Tie Front Playsuit, Shona Joy Perseus Knot Drawstring Mini Dress

August Street Lost Session Jumpsuit, Blessed Are The Meek Muse Dress

Stevie May Dark Shadows Dress, Talulah Star Crossed Lovers Mini Dress

Shona Joy Zanzibar Cross Over Mini Dress, Maurie & Eve Attaboy Dress

Maurie & Evie Elia Dress, Nookie Empire Blazer Dress