31 January, 2017

Valentine’s Day…...some love it, some loath it but this year forget all the hype and think of it as a chance to get dressed up and have some fun with the person or people you love - be it your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/husband or your single (and lovin it) friends!


Comfy and feminine is the best way to go to a Brunch or lunch date

S/W/F Amber Maxi Dress $220

August Street The League Playsuit $155

Shona Joy Mirage Cowl Cocktail Dress $280

La Sola Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit $280

Stevie May Ivy Maxi Dress $320

Romantic Night In

This calls for more of a relaxed vibe, cuddle up on the couch in a cute little casual dress or floaty off the shoulder top and short

Stevie May Daintree Dress $220

Stevie May Cool Changes Blouse $180

Maurie & Eve Kitta Short (also available in black) $149

Isla Birkin Short $129

Stevie May Morning Haze Top $180

Movie Date

Comfort is the best way to dress for the movies balance out a fitted jean with a cool floaty top or throw on a cute summer dress

Stevie May Atlas Top $240

Blessed Are The Meek Cisco Top (available in black) $119.95

Stevie May Cosmic Currents $220

Isla Positano Days Dress $169

Stevie May The Cloudy Day Top $132

Girls Night Out

This is the perfect time to rock that high fashion outfit that men just really wouldn’t appreciate as much as the gals!

Talulah Faith Mini Dress $240

Shona Joy Perseus Tie Front Playsuit $260

S/W/F Tamara Jumpsuit $249

Stevie May Evie Playsuit $280

Wine Bar

Sip on a wine and listen to cool tunes in these chic looks

Stevie May Burning Desire Playsuit $280

Stevie May Morning Haze Mini Dress $260

Shona Joy Venus Waistcoat Mini Dress $360

Talulah Star Crossed Lovers Mini Dress $280

Dinner Date

Whether you’re going out with some friends or the date of your dreams dress comfortably and you will feel confident

Blessed Are The Meek Fiona Shirt Dress $219.95

Talulah Stary Nights Mini Dress $260

Stevie May Georgie Girl Midi Dress $260

Maurie & Eve Attaboy Dress $179

Fancy Dinner

Better to overdress than underdress for this occasion, go all out and make the most of being able to dress up!

Shona Joy Mirage Stand Collar Draped Dress $280

Shona Joy Zanzibar Cross Over Maxi Dress $390

Shona Joy Zelda Cocktail Dress $280

Shona Joy Perseus Cowl Trumpet Midi Dress $320

Figure Hugging Dresses

Embrace the female figure and show off your curves in these show stoppers!

From Left to Right: Nookie Xena Midi Dress $209 Nookie Angelina Midi Dress $229 Nookie Dynasty Multi Way Midi Dress $229 Nookie Lady Lace Midi Dress $131.40 Nookie Wicked Games Midi Dress $125.40 Nookie Jewels Midi Dress $119.40