How To Dress When Working Remotely

07 July, 2020

As more and more work places transition into working remotely I thought it might be helpful to talk a bit about how to dress for video calling the office while in quarantine.

Corona virus or not let’s not let working from home get us down and have a little bit of fun with fashion, it can be an incredibly powerful tool that can boost your confidence and lift your mood!

So I’ve rounded up some tops that will have you looking professional and feeling comfortable at the same time to nail that office e meeting

But First A Few Tips: Patterns and heavy stripes may be distracting on camera so try avoiding them, also wearing a bright white or black top can cause your camera to auto adjust the brightness making it harder to see your face, so stick to less extreme colours, and finally posture is everything!

So let’s jump right in : This top gives off a professional feel while still being true to your individual style it's 100% crushed cotton so super comfy, wear it on its own or layer with a blazer

If your style is a little more playful then this top is for you – feminine with pretty playful frills and with good coverage creating a smart look

Nothing beats a good wrap top for work wear they are super flattering and comfy, don’t be afraid to add some personality with a flared or puff sleeve

If you're not one to wear a plain shirt this long sleeve lace up blouse is professional dressing with an edge and can be worn as a high neck or untie the top for a more softer feel

If your drawn to darker colours try this little beauty and one of my personal faves This forest green satin look top has the best of both worlds – a high neck giving off an executive feel with a chic exposed shoulder and a feminine tie that can be bowed and knotted at the front or tied at the back if you prefer

You don’t need to sacrifice your personal style to look polished this top ticks all the boxes – it’s classy yet cool and it’s a two piece making it multi-functional

I hope that’s given you some ideas on how to dress for your next video conference

Don’t forget to set the scene for the background – dirty washing and an unmade bed is not ideal! A few well-placed pot plants can make all the difference

Thanks for watching guys – try and keep positive and remember we are all in this together x